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Last Updated on 20/04/2023

According to the Eurocontrol data released Monday, the Mega Istanbul Airport recorded the highest air traffic in Europe in June 2022. This came after a remarkable decline during the Covid crisis.

Istanbul airport: Europe’s busiest traffic in June 2022

Istanbul airport

According to information made public on Wednesday by a European airport trade association, Istanbul Airport had the largest passenger volume in Europe last June. It received just under 6 million travelers. In June 2022, Istanbul Airport handled 5.996 million passengers, making it the busiest airport in Europe.

Moreover, Istanbul airport was not the only Turkish airport on the list. In fact, With 3.91 million passengers last month, Antalya Airport ranked 9th among all airports in Europe. Thus it is the second busiest airport in Turkey.

At the head of the list, Istanbul Airport was followed by london Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaules airports with 5.991 million and 5,45 million passengers, respectively.

According to figures, 660 million more passengers were traveling through the European airport network in the first half of this year than in the same period last year.

Istanbul airport: World’s 2nd best airport in 2021

Istanbul airport

In the prestigious “World’s Best Awards 2021” poll conducted by the New York City-based Travel and Leisure Magazine, Istanbul Airport was named one of the “Top 10 Airports in the World.

It was in the second position getting 91.17 points in the rankings. We should note that the ranking results were based on the magazine readers’ votes.

Istanbul Airport continues to get the endorsement of international organizations as the world’s largest airport and the most significant global hub in the region, Thanks to its robust infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and first-rate travel experience.

Travel and Leisure Magazine readers assessed airports  in the “Top 10 International Airports in The World” category according to certain criteria. They evaluate the international airport in terms of accessibility, check-in, security, food and beverage areas, shopping, and design.

A strong national air carrier

Turkish Airlines plane

Turkey has a developed air infrastructure. Besides an international-standard airport, the country has a powerful national air carrier. It compeets with the most prominent air companies in the world. Turkish Airlines, In fact, Turkish Airlines received a 3-Star certification from SkyTrax, the worldwide air transport recognized rating organization, for the quality of its hub, Istanbul airport. It was also rated for its onboard products and the service its staff offered. Turkish Airlines also obtains high rankings for the caliber of the onboard catering, with many product categories meeting 4-Star standards. Besides, the new Business class seat satisfies 5-Star criteria on the A350 and Boeing 787. It is also the favored method of air travel for a variety of travelers for a variety of reasons.

Most valuable Turkish brand in 2022

Istanbul airport Turkish airlines

According to the sixteenth edition of Brand Finance, Turkish Airlines is at the top of the list of 100 valuable Turkish brands.

We should not forget that Turkish Airlines has maintained this position for three years. Moreover, It has appeared in 28 brand rankings. Turkish Airlines ranked 350th among the 500 Strongest and Most Valuable European Brands. Furthermore, it ranked 19th among the top 50 international Airlines worldwide.

Turkish Airlines rebranding

Following the country’s rebranding strategy, the Turkish president stated his decision to rebrand the national airline internationally. He thus declared that “Türk Hava Yolları” would replace  “Turkish Airlines” on the company’s planes.

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