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Last Updated on 03/12/2023

The Residence by Investment (RBI) initiative is a popular choice for individuals seeking a pathway to residency in various countries.

This program allowed investors to contribute a specific amount of capital to a country’s economy in exchange for residing in that country.

However, a significant modification just occurred to the RBI program in Turkey, effective as of October 16, 2023,

impacting the minimum investment amount.

Adjustment in Residency by investment in Real estate in Turkey 

new regulation of residency by investment in Turkey

For those closely following the Residency By Investment program in Turkey it is crucial to note that the minimum investment amount increased Received updates stating that the minimum investment amount for RIB became $200,000 as of October 16, 2023, after it was $75,000.  This change is of considerable importance. It may impact the eligibility and aspirations of potential investors seeking residence through this program. Actually, The Migration Office in Ankara, which plays a pivotal role in the RBI program, has verbally confirmed this modification. However comprehensive guidelines are expected to be officially announced in the coming days. Yet, this preliminary information is essential for our clients and stakeholders in the RBI program.

What will this regulation change? 

residency by investment in Turkey

You might be currently participating in the residency by investment program or considering it as a viable option for residenc in Turkey.

Therefore, this update has several implications that you should be aware of. In fact, this regulation sets a higher investment requirement. 

Infact, the increase in the minimum investment amount to $200,000 means that potential investors will need to allocate a larger portion of their capital to participate in the program.

Consequently, this may impact the affordability and attractiveness of the residence by investment initiatives.

Moreover, the higher investment threshold may also lead to a change in eligibility criteria for the RBI program.

Thus, it is advisable to stay informed about any additional requirements or changes in the application process that may accompany this modification.

Stay Tuned for the official updates 

Updates for the new regulation

While the Migration Office in Ankara  verbally confirmed this change, it is essential to remain vigilant for official announcements.

Additional comprehensive guidelines will provide a clearer understanding of how this modification will affect the residency by investment program in Turkey.

If you have any questions about this update, you should consult with immigration experts or legal professionals who specialize in residency and investment programs.

They can guide how to navigate these changes effectively.

The recent increase in the minimum investment amount for the Residence by Investment (RBI) program is a significant development that may influence the decisions of potential investors. Therefore, we urge all our clients and stakeholders to stay updated with the latest information.

As soon as the new restrictions are officially announced, we will provide you with more details to help you make informed decisions regarding your participation in the RBI program.

Your path to residency may be evolving, but with the right information and guidance, it can still be achievable.

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