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Last Updated on 28/11/2023


In the realm of investment, discerning investors are continually on the lookout for secure opportunities that promise growth and stability. Recently, economic shifts, coupled with the devaluation of the Turkish Lira (TL), have steered investors toward a promising alternative: plots and lands. Moreover, the soaring housing prices, surpassing the affordability of many investors, have further fueled this shift in investment preference. Let’s discover together why lands in Turkey are a beneficial substitution for housing investment. 

The Appeal of Lands in Turkey

lands in Turkey a new haven for investors

Discovering the Potential of Investing in Lands in Turkey

Plots and lands in Turkey have emerged as a reliable haven for investment in the face of economic uncertainties. Unlike the volatile nature of stocks and the fluctuating value of currencies, lands in Turkey have historically showcased a steady and appreciative value. Moreover, the stability and potential for long-term returns make them an attractive choice for investors seeking security and growth.

Furthermore, the market for land investments often experiences less competition compared to the housing market. While many investors focus on purchasing homes or apartments, the land market may present fewer bidders. Thos provides an opportunity for favorable pricing and negotiation.

Besides, acquiring land typically involves a lower initial investment compared to purchasing built properties. The cost per square meter of lands in Turkey is often more affordable than buying a house or commercial building. 

Rising Housing Prices: A Shift in Focus 

lands in Turkey versus Rising housing prices

Discovering the Potential of Investing in Lands in Turkey

Recently, the real estate market in Turkey has experienced a remarkable surge in housing prices, reaching historic highs. Consequently, while reflective of the robust real estate sector, thisi surge has also positioned housing as an investment beyond the means of many investors. Consequently, the attention of astute investors has shifted towards the promising potential of investing in lands in Turkey.

Furthermore, economic contraction has had a discernible impact on the purchasing power of investors. With the tightening of credit and the depreciation of the TL, investors are seeking alternatives that can offer a more stable and appreciative investment environment. Plots and lands in Turkey present a favorable solution, allowing investors to navigate the economic downturn while still ensuring growth potential.

Exploring the Landscape : A Study on Land Prices

pricing trends of lqnds in Turkey

Discovering the Potential of Investing in Lands in Turkey

To understand the investment dynamics of lands in Turkey, a comprehensive study was conducted by TSKB Real Estate Valuation. This study delved into the three-year price changes in lands and plots across 11 highly demanded cities from Istanbul to Izmir. The results revealed a promising trend. Alternative real estate investments, particularly plots and lands in Turkey located near provincial centers such as Istanbul, Izmir, Çanakkale, Tekirdağ, and Kocaeli have significantly piqued the interest of investors. Over the last three years, these regions have witnessed a substantial increase in land values, satisfying investors seeking stability and growth.

Turkey at a Glance: Land Price Trends

On a broader scale, the last year has seen an impressive average increase of 100-150% in prices of lands in Turkey. Therefore, this increase encompasses various types of land, including fields, vineyards, and gardens, surpassing the escalation in housing prices. This notable trend emphasizes the burgeoning potential of investing in lands within the Turkish real estate market.

A Bright Future for Land Investments in Turkey

In the dynamic world of investments, it’s essential to diversify and adapt to current landscape requirements. Lands in Turkey present a solid and promising prospect for investment, especially in the face of economic fluctuations and changing market dynamics. As the real estate market continues to evolve, the appeal of investing in lands is expected to grow, positioning it as a viable and secure choice for investors seeking long-term growth and stability in the Turkish market. Explore the potential of lands in Turkey and secure your investment in a stable and appreciative asset.

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