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MEO Consultants law experts are qualified in various legal issues that might interest foreigners in Turkey, including Business Law. They will offer you their legal support with all the services mentioned above. They will accompany you in every legal instruction you need to conduct, whether individual or corporate. These services include mainly:

1-POA and Legal documents

We will help you to extract and apply for most of the useful legal documents. Moreover, we will be your representative in all your legal issues.

2- Dispute management and resolution

MEO legal experts will support you in solving your problems with this practice interfering at many levels. It includes the resolution of various types of conflicts through different procedures focusing on negotiation and conciliation.

3- Notary Services

The notary is a lawyer selected by the government and charged with verifying the credibility of the documents. Its approval on documents is required in most of the official applications, especially for foreign documents.

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