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1- Pre-arrival Advisory Program

MEO offers its clients a complete briefing to better assimilate life in Turkey before they arrive to prepare for each eventual situation. We give you all the information you need to know before you start packing. It includes a complete advisory about entry requirements and restrictions, documents you might need, and safe areas you can frequent. Moreover, according to your requirements, we advise you of some useful addresses and services partners to avoid any issue during your visit.
We also offer you specific information depending on your occupation, sector, and goal by advising the convenient institutions or matching skills training you might need.

2- Relocation Services

Relocation is a major action that demands deep experience, high qualifications, and sufficient local knowledge. This is why MEO intervene at this step to support you with all the tasks that the relocation process requires tending to guarantee you a solid start in Turkey.

A. Real Estate Advisory
Whether you are looking for a living or investment, MEO Real Estate experts evaluate the market features and compare them with your long and short-term goals to finally present you with suitable options for your profile. We don’t conduct property purchase transactions, but we give you all the essential advice and do all the required instructions from zoning checking to market evaluation to draw the best scenario for your objectives and situation.
With its extensive background and valuable resources, the MEO team offers you a complete strong strategy that might include the following items:
– Areas and zoning checking
– Market and price evaluation
– Guidance in investment property types
– Direction on the advantageous property management practices to maximize your eventual investment income.

B. Job and Career Support
MEO team helps you to narrow down the possible types of career you can be successful in depending on your qualifications and previous professional experience. We evaluate your background, training, academic skills and advise you on practical and reasonable career goals. W also guide you to the convenient resources and the proper networking methods for a successful career path in Turkey.

C. Culture integration
Turkey is completely devoted to its identity, which has its cultural features distinguishing it from other countries globally. As much as it is an enriching fact, it might scare some ex-pats concerned about integrating into their new home country. We should mention the linguistic barrier, which has major importance.
MEO team helps you reduce this gap by advising Turkish language institutions and suggesting certain social inclusive events such as workshops or fairs so you can get familiar with Turkish culture and integrate in no time.

D. Goods Purchase
This service covers all the instructions related to goods purchased by foreigners in Turkey. We provide you with a complete overview, including legislative framework, legal requirements, payment schemes, and eventual risks.

E. Education Advisory
Turkey has lately become a prominent and attractive global education destination. It welcomes every year many students from all over the world. It has many qualified high education institutions and universities that international students look forward to attending. MEO team gives you the perfect mentoring, giving you a chance to be part of this community. We advise you of different education branches according to your abilities and skills, give you an overview of each institution’s acceptance conditions and requirements, and help you with the admission process.

3- Retirement Advisory Services

With its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, reduced cost of living, and developed healthcare system, Turkey has become a convenient destination for retirement. MEO experienced team will help you plan a comfortable and decent retirement in Turkey, giving you the following services:

A- Health Insurance Support:
We advise you of the best operating insurance companies ensuring you the most reasonable fees with the best quality services.

B- Retirement Areas Advisory
We recommend the most appropriate areas to settle in during your retirement according to your preferences.

4- Immigration Services

MEO consultants team give you support regarding the legal documents that every ex-pat would need while relocating to Turkey.

A- Residency Application: relative to investment.
* We don’t give Touristic residence or Visa services, and this section is exclusive to our customers willing to invest in Turkey.

B- Turkish Citizenship Obtaining:

through investment program.

C- Financial Services:

We support you with essential financial instructions such as getting a tax number, opening a bank account, and safe money transfer.

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